Maritime transportation between Brazil and Mercosur, with import and export routes and logistics solutions.

For more than 20 years, we have established a presence in Argentina and have our own office in the region, as well as an exclusive representative in Paraguay and Uruguay.

We have ships specially dedicated to serving Mercosur, allowing us to offer a specialized service focused on the specific needs of this region.

This combination of local presence and adapted infrastructure uniquely positions us to serve our clients in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay with excellence.

Why choose Log-In?

We have our own office in Argentina, which strengthens our local management capacity and allows us to be close to our clients.

We have a dedicated local representative, which allows us to offer direct support to our Paraguayan and Uruguayan customers, guaranteeing personalized and efficient service.

We integrate technology with personalized and human service, providing a complete and efficient experience to meet your needs.

We offer not only cargo transportation, but also logistics solutions, with the aim of boosting the development of the client’s business.

We have a wide geographical coverage, covering Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, from the south to the north of Brazil.

We carry out the entire cargo transportation operation, from the collection of the product at the origin to delivery at the destination, which makes it easier for your company to control the entire logistics chain management process.

We offer fast, efficient, and safe logistics planning for the transportation of cargo in a variety of sectors.


Documentação para embarque

Obtenha informações locais sempre atualizadas sobre procedimentos e restrições para importação e exportação.


Boarding documentation

Get up-to-date local information on import and export procedures and restrictions.

Log-In is ready to boost your business.

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