We are Log-In Logística Integrada.

Our purpose is to promote sustainable development through logistics integrated with shipping.
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About Us
Specialists in cabotage and integrated logistics solutions, we connect Brazil and Mercosur.

We are Log-In Logística Integrada, a company that believes in connections that go beyond the obvious.

We were born to move more than cargo; we move opportunities and create intelligent and customized logistics solutions.

And we do this with a commitment to excellence at every stage of the process. Our focus is to be the link that transcends borders, connecting Brazil and Mercosur through integrated logistics solutions.

Our History

The beginning of everything

We started with five ships in operation, carrying all the cargo that could fit into a container.
Funcionário - Log-In Logística

The first steps

We started our shipping service outside the country, serving the Mercosur market.
Navio - Log-In Logística

First acquisitions

We received the new port container at the Vila Velha Port Terminal – TVV, a port crane for lifting containers.
Navio - Log-In Logística

Innovations in the Brazilian market

We launched the Log-In Jacaranda, which was not only the first ship built exclusively for Log-In, but the first container ship built in Brazil this century.
Navio - Log-In Logística

Dedicated projects

We inaugurated the Green Warehouse, in Guarujá-SP, in partnership with client Dow Química, which was awarded the Gold seal for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Leed) certification, making it the first chemical warehouse with this certification in Brazil. This project confirmed our expertise in fully customized logistics solutions.
Log-In Logística

The restructuring of Log-In Logística

We have started our restructuring process. A new Log-In was born, with new values, mission, and vision.
Equipe - Log-In Logística

Fleet expansion

We acquired the vessel Log-In Resiliente, a name that means recovery, resistance, and strength, just like Log-In’s history. That same year, we started operations and inaugurated the Itajaí Terminal in Santa Catarina.
Navio - Log-In Logística

Memorable moments

We received the Log-In Polaris, a fundamental milestone in the planning defined for our fleet. In the same year, we recorded record results, such as EBITDA, which was more than 47% higher than in the previous year.
Log-in Polaris

Great Challenges and Resistance

Although the world has experienced great challenges, this was the first year of a new story for Log-In. A new container ship, named Log-In Endurance, which means endurance, has arrived to join our fleet.


We renewed our Lease Agreement for the Vila Velha Port Terminal (ES) for another 25 years.

New connections

We have expanded our presence in Mercosur with a new call at the port of Asunción in Paraguay, making it possible to connect with the main ports in Brazil and Buenos Aires.
navio - Log-In Logística

Great Pleace to Work

We have been certified as a great place to work by Great Place to Work® Brazil.
Evento- Log-In Logística

Business expansion

We acquired Tecmar Transportes, a road operations company with more than 20 years’ experience. We also incorporated the Oliva Pinto road transport company, adding even more value to our operations and strengthening our presence in this important industrial center.
Caminhão - Tecmar

Launch of the Unilog-In Corporate University

We launched Unilog-In, a complete and innovative virtual learning platform that offers employees a solid, collaborative, simple and important educational environment for developing key personal and professional skills.
Our Values
Our values are the fundamental principles and beliefs that guide our actions and decisions. They are our ethical compass guiding our journey.
Without security, our business cannot achieve anything else. We prioritize caring for people, the environment, and the cargo we handle.
Funcionário - Log-In Logística
We can only grow if we are relevant to our customers. In addition to showing availability and agility in serving you, we have to immerse ourselves in the demands and challenges, being the agent of transformation.
Funcionária - Log-In Logística
We take responsibility, calculate risks, seek solutions quickly and anticipate expectations and demands.
Funcionárias - Log-In Logística
Our operation is complex by nature. Internally, we focus on what matters with transparency and clarity. Externally, we are objective, constructive and consultative. Our communication prioritizes the look and understanding of the client.
Funcionários - Log-In Logística
Our spirit is to always collaborate. If necessary, we argue constructively. Our teams make no distinction between race, creed, gender, or origin. They are based on skills.
Equipe - Log-In Logística
We are proud of our growth, which leads us to always focus on actions that generate value for the company.
Funcionário - Log-In Logística
Our People
We are a team of disruptive, engaged, and passionate people who manage and operate the most advanced integrated logistics solutions.

Our culture is permeated by caring for people and leads us towards increasingly diverse, equitable and inclusive positions. We believe that a company’s strength lies in its ability to foster a working environment that values diversity of ideas and experiences, ensuring that every team member feels respected and valued.

Thus, driven by passion, determination, and a disruptive spirit, we continue to write our story, marked not only by excellence in logistics solutions, but also by a positive impact on society and the world around us.

Funcionária - Log-In Logística
Funcionários - Log-In Logística
Funcionário - Log-In Logística
Our people write our history from start to finish.
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