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We provide agile and versatile integrated shipping and logistics services.

Integrating the main ports in Brazil and Mercosur, we offer efficient, safe, and sustainable solutions, connecting markets and optimizing deadlines.

+ Cabotage;

+ Long Haul;

+ Feeder;

+ Fluvial;

+ Door-to-door transportation;

+ Warehousing;

+ Crossdocking;

+ Stuffing and stripping.

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Tailor-made strategies for different scenarios. We provide complete and personalized logistics services, from transport, warehousing, and distribution management to the total outsourcing of your company’s logistics.

+ Logistics Management;

+ Special Projects;

+ Port Management;

+ Fleet Management;

+ Warehouse operations;

+ Operation of Multimodal Terminals;

+ Offshore Operation.

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Complete logistics solutions for your road operations in break-bulk cargo, door-to-door cargo, and warehousing. State-of-the-art technology and a fleet and warehouse infrastructure that allows us to offer quality services to various segments.

+ Fractional and Full Truck Loads (door-to-door);

+ Warehousing;

+ Intermodal Trucking (Road-Cabotage);

+ Container transportation.

We operate the main shipping lines that connect Espírito Santo and the region to the world, with strategic routes, facilitating the export and import of products.

+ Cabotage, Feeder and Long Haul;

+ Handling containers, general cargo, projects, and vehicles;

+ Handling loose or palletized loads;

+ Storage, sorting and delivery;

+ Stuffing and stripping;

+ Dry port services.

Contêineres - Log-In Logística

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Our figures are impressive and lead us to remain focused on results in a spirit of continuous growth.

Business sectors

We dive into the challenges of different
business sectors, helping them grow and develop.

Consumer Goods
Dangerous Loads
General Cargo
Mining Products
Bulk Cargo


Sustainable solutions driving responsible business.

We have good environmental practices, with a focus on maintaining biodiversity. We have implemented comprehensive programs such as the decommissioning of ships, parts and pieces, energy efficiency, pollution prevention, waste, and effluent management, as well as the control of atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions.


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Tendências Tecnológicas na Logística

Technological Trends in Logistics.

The year 2024 has proven to be promising for the logistics sector, which finds itself immersed in a dynamic and challenging landscape driven by constant

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