Customized Logistics Solutions

Customized and intelligent strategies to optimize your logistics processes and increase the level of your service.

With experience in complex operations and a multimodal network that covers the whole of Brazil and Mercosur, we stand out among the leaders in multimodal operations. We develop and manage customized projects that adapt to the specific demands of each client, making us their only logistics operator.

Raise the service level of your logistics operation and guarantee benefits such as:

Our Solutions

Navio - Log-In Logística

Special Projects

Contêineres - Log-In Logística

Logistics Management

Contêineres - Log-In Logística

Warehouse Management

Contêineres - Log-In Logística

Port management

Terminal - Log-In Logística

Operation of Multimodal Terminals

Navio - Log-In Logística

Offshore operations

Log-In is ready to boost your business.

Other services

Integrated logistics that take you to the maximum potential of your busines

Our people write our history from start to finish.
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