Driving the Future: The Evolution of Log-In

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The New Chapter of Log-In: Integrated Logistics

With a recognized expertise in container shipping and intermodal logistics, we now present a new chapter as a provider of Integrated Logistics.

This move is the result of years of study, planning, and meticulous preparation, allowing us to achieve the full potential of integrated logistics, connecting it to the maximum potential of each client’s business.

Marcio Arany, President of Log-In, shares his perspective on this change: “This is a milestone that reflects our journey and the expertise we have built and consolidated so far. We have grown, adapted, and now, as Integrated Logistics, we are ready to offer more complete, precise, and efficient solutions to our clients.”

To fully understand the scope of Log-In’s Integrated Logistics, it is crucial to know the business units that make up the company:

Cabotage: Container shipping transportation complemented by road transport, remains the backbone of Log-In, providing more sustainable processes, efficiency, and predictability to clients.

TVV: Log-In’s port terminal in Vila Velha (ES) is a key piece in the global logistics chain. With a multipurpose profile, we guarantee versatility, operational safety, and flow through maritime, road, and rail routes.

Logistic Terminals: Log-In’s logistic terminal infrastructure offers complete solutions for cargo storage and handling, efficiently integrating processes and different modes of transport.

Road Operations: The geographic coverage and warehouse infrastructure of Tecmar Transportes, a member of the Log-In Group, complement our offer and provide a vital link between land and sea modes.

Customized Logistic Solutions: Log-In’s expertise stands out in creating tailor-made logistic solutions, adapting to the specific demands of each client.

Mercosur: Log-In’s international operations, especially in Mercosur, reinforce its global presence and capacity to provide comprehensive logistic solutions.

Strategic Repositioning

This rebranding is not just aesthetic but strategic. As Patricia Resende, Product and Marketing Manager, clarifies, “Brands evolve to align with market dynamics. Log-In changes to reflect our expansion and ensure that our clients understand the full range of logistic solutions we offer.”

By highlighting new attributes in a more impactful way, the company aims to demonstrate that it not only witnesses the evolution of the logistics sector but drives it.

In this context, we present our new slogan ” Boosting business by land and sea.”

The slogan illustrates the essence of our commitment to be more than a logistics partner; we are drivers of opportunities, connecting businesses in a fluid ecosystem by land and sea.

The New Visual Identity

Log-In’s concern for sustainability and the environment, symbolized by the colors green and blue, remains fundamental to the visual identity. These are not just colors; they are visual representations of the fundamental benefits the company offers.

The logo underwent a careful redesign to enhance the contrast between straight lines and curves. The redesign is a visual statement of Log-In’s strategic differentiation: agility and versatility to move cargo by land and sea, integrating modes uniquely.

The simplicity of the logo remains a tangible representation of the Log-In Way. This aspect is also illustrated in the graphical incorporation of the container, replacing the hyphen and present after the letter “n.”

The supporting colors and graphic elements of our new visual identity system play a crucial role in building and reinforcing the business universe. Inspired by containers, these graphic elements translate the brand’s personality, adding depth and meaning to visual communication.

Every detail, every curve, and every color in Log-In’s new visual design are visual narratives that tell the story of evolution, innovation, and commitment to logistic excellence.

New Brand, Same Values

While the brand has evolved, Log-In’s core values remain unchanged. With this, we stand firm for this next phase and new chapter of our history.

The new identity will be implemented progressively, and you will see the Log-In Integrated Logistics brand in different applications during this transition period. The official launch will take place at the Intermodal South America Fair, from March 5th to 7th, in São Paulo.

You are invited to join us as we embrace this new era of Log-In, boosting business by land and sea, with agility and innovation.


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Navio - Log-In Logística

Driving the Future: The Evolution of Log-In

The New Chapter of Log-In: Integrated Logistics With a recognized expertise in container shipping and intermodal logistics, we now present a new chapter as a provider of Integrated Logistics. This

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